Develop personal and relational skills in a mixed-race setting

Liberated Life: Cohort of leaders from the Pittsburgh region, co-facilitated with I Medina Jackson

The challenge: Born into systems of oppression, we internalize harmful habits that stand in the way of us stepping into our power and creating a liberated world.

Pittsburgh is divided along racial lines and finding a cross-race community that supports your growth is rare. For the past two years we have hosted a 16-week leadership development course that centers racial oppression and invites participants to bring their whole selves and to surface unhelpful habits and learn new more liberated ways of being: being with strong emotion, being with pain and trauma, being still, and being creative. Doing personal work like this in community, being honest with each other as part of a learning cohort deepens leader’s understanding of each other and forges genuine relationships.  

“This is more than a course, it is a personal reset button giving you permission to stop and work on yourself. It is the life training we need to live in this messed up world.”

“I have felt so much pressure to do and say the right thing that I often keep silent. This class has helped me stop performing and start living.” – Participant 

“Yo! Life is too short and you are too important not to invest time in creating who you are because you will inevitably reproduce who you are. This course is about learning to create a wholesome inner space so you can extend it outwards.” – Participant 

“This will be an intensively important bootcamp that you will treasure forever and propagate to the rest of the world.” – Participant