Increasing a culture's capacity to see its habits and create something different together

University departments | International development organization

The challenge: Who we are and how we treat each other inhibits what we can do. Factors like fragmentation, painful past events, and workplace inequity cause struggle with cultural health, hampering a group’s ability to create good outcomes.

We’ve worked with numerous groups whose patterns of relationship and communication inhibit their ability to live out their mission. We work with such groups to help them see through everyone’s eyes. A “What’s really going on?” session is a good start for breaking habitual patterns. It helps a group articulate their negative patterns, moving from judgment to co-creation. Then, with a common picture of “healthy” might feel like in key moments and interactions, little by little they begin experimenting their way into new habits.

“It was powerful how latent issues were able to surface without finger-pointing. Both of you came across as very genuine and promoted a good vibe in the room.”  – Department head

“You helped us think unpack everyday work interactions in a really different way. We could bring other parts of ourselves into this question, we found new ways to talk to and understand one another, and think about how we can be better. You helped us see our contributions and made us feel powerful.” – Department head