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Free Your Inner Circus

Transformational practices for change leaders

Limited to 20 participants

Created by Hannah du Plessis of Fit Associates, CMU, and SVA Social Innovation
In partnership with Inclusant’s Creating Confluence series

Eight 3-hour in-person sessions

 Online library of readings and resources

 Guided practices for each topic

Local change-makers as guests

This course gives you...

✓  A set of personal practices that can serve you for a lifetime

✓  A journal of your own writings and reflections for each topic

✓  Lifetime access to a library of resources, readings and videos

✓  A framework and a good beginning for continuing personal development

A unique space for deep learning

✓  A learning space where you can learn from a rich group of peers engaged in similar questions

✓  A rich mix of activities, brief lectures, readings, conversations, and personal reflection

✓  Class activities draw from art, theater, mindfulness, and more

✓  The freedom to engage at your own level of comfort

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