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A Liberated Life

Practices for leading with all you've got

Limited to 24 participants

Hannah du Plessis and I Medina Jackson, instructor-facilitators
2020 dates to be announced

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Medina and Hannah describe what to expect from the course. Click the CC icon under the video to turn on subtitles.

Eight 3-hour in-person sessions

 Online library of readings and resources

 Guided practices for each topic

A diverse and supportive community

This course gives you...

✓  A set of personal practices that can serve you for a lifetime

✓  A journal of your own writings and reflections for each topic

✓  Lifetime access to a library of resources, readings and videos

✓  A framework and a good beginning for continuing personal development

A unique space for deep learning

✓  A learning space where you can learn from a rich group of peers engaged in similar questions

✓  A rich mix of activities, brief lectures, readings, conversations, and personal reflection

✓  Class activities draw from art, theater, mindfulness, and more

✓  The freedom to engage at your own level of comfort

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