We equip people to create change together.

Committed to a question

Marc and Hannah have been collaborating for years, combining their points of view to pursue a single question: “How can we help people better create together, especially in the difficulties of long-term change in socially complex situations?” Their firm, Fit Associates, equips people to shift the conversations in their system. They are founding faculty members of the Masters in Design for Social Innovation program at the School of Visual Artsin New York, and Distinguished Adjunct Professors of Practice in the Carnegie Mellon University School of Design. 

What we do

Host and facilitate: help you converse and create across difference

As facilitators, we help you convene people and facilitate meaningful, opening, generative dialogue and co-creation sessions that break the spell of sameness and open you to new possibilities.

Train: build capacity for change

As teachers, we help your team develop the inner strength, group trust, skills and methods necessary to keep going as you collaborate creatively across difference in uncertain times.

Consult: support long term system-shifting work

As consultants, we support multi-stakeholder initiatives as they structure and work with emergent systemic change.

Who we serve

You see it can be better, and you’ve gone to work on something difficult.

You’re determined to improve life for your community, or the impact of your organization for the people it serves. For years perhaps, you’ve been helping an institution move from its old ways—no longer good for the world—to take its place in a sustainable and equitable society. There’s a vision, a sense of what could come to life.

But this stuff is hard.

This isn’t just a project. It’s going to take a long time. It means getting people together who don’t see eye-to-eye, who might not like or trust each other. It means facing complexity, making space for honest conversation and purposeful alignment, and learning to create together over the long haul. It means taking care of yourself and each other along the way. We equip people to create change together.

This site is one of many ways we are saying, “You’re doing work that matters, and we’d like to help.”

Learn more about us at fitassociates.com