Hannah’s work blends business, design, community and the arts. This blend developed through eight years experience in community leadership in South Africa, ten years of design leadership (including partnership in an architecture firm), and consulting experience in the U.S., Europe and Africa.

Hannah’s first career as interior architect spanned a decade and three continents, and includes 18 built projects. Her love for the creative process has taken her drawings into publications and art galleries and herself onto stage as presenter, actor, improviser and dancer.

Hannah is a founding faculty member of the Masters in Design for Social Innovation program at the School of Visual Arts in New York. And she is a Distinguished Adjunct Professor of Practice in the Carnegie Mellon University School of Design. She has taught internationally in the field of design and innovation at the School of the Art Institute in Chicago, at Cedim in Mexico and at the University of Pretoria. She holds a Masters in Design Methodology from IIT, a degree in interior design from the University of Pretoria and a diploma in fine arts.

You can learn more about Hannah on her LinkedIn profile.
She is @hannahdup on Twitter.

Writings from Hannah, related to the Liberated Leader course

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