Marc’s 35-year career has been guided by an interest in people, systems, communication, anthropology and the power of design. His current work is defined by a question — “How can we advance the practice of creating resilient health in social systems?” — a question which puts him on the frontier of applying design methods to social and strategic questions.

A masterful teacher and facilitator, Marc brings a tremendous kit of tools to any gathering. He takes a gardening or conversational approach to leadership, believing that groups of people who are aligned to a common purpose hold more possibility of innovation and transformation than any individual, and that tending to the essential conversations is more potent than any single method or process.

Marc has been a leading figure in interaction design, user experience, and the use of ethnographic methods for strategic design. So far as he knows, he was the first person to hold the job title, “Chief Experience Officer.” His early writings on paper prototypes influenced a generation of design students.

Marc is a founding faculty member of the Masters in Design for Social Innovation program at the School of Visual Arts in New York. Formerly a Distinguished Adjunct Professor of Practice in the Carnegie Mellon University School of Design, where he was the 2002 Nierenberg Chair of Design, he now serves there as a Distinguished Adjunct Professor of Practice.

You can read more about Marc on his LinkedIn profile.
He is @mrettig on Twitter.