Workshop series

Trusting Relationships for Choppy Times

A program of workshops and practice

A series of insights and activities that is profoundly equipping and empowering for diverse groups who want to stick together as they navigate the complexities of creating change together. Learn to cultivate good relationships and healthy communication — the building blocks of good group culture.

By the end of this course, you will be able to…

  • Identify behavior that builds or breaks trust
  • Understand what subconscious habits keep you from building trusting relationships
  • Be more able to stay present and engaged when you feel uncomfortable
  • Be more able to speak up honestly, and with compassion
  • Understand and welcome the transforming force of conflict
  • Repair relationship ruptures

This is available to hold inside your organizatio

When these sessions are experienced together by people from thee same organization, it can be transforming. Trust, relationship, and communication are all supporting pillars of a culture. Gather your teams, gather people from across different parts of your organization or system (we can help you convene, if you like), go through this course together, and cap it with a work session on how to sustain the new learnings and habits over the months that follow.

We’ll conduct this publicly with the right partner 

We would love to run this as series of public workshops in the Pittsburgh region, or as an event in your city.

Interested in an online version of this course?

So are we! We seek a development partner to help with this good idea.

Student Quotes

I was impressed by everyone’s ability to be comfortable in playing out the situations in class. Each situation is amazing to watch because we can see the externalization of thought into body and action. These things make all the difference to change any situation. The more comfortable I got, the more I was able to see the plays as a way to empower anyone in the group to act. In some way, it builds confidence in individuals--saying "Yes, you can make a difference."

I learned so much when we broke into groups and went through role-playing scenarios, and people acted out skits where communication was the issue. We ran through each of the scenarios multiple times, and at the end talked about what might be different based on how the people communicated and reacted. It helped me to understand that conversations are give and take.

The introduction to trust-preserving communication turned into an exercise where I looked at my relationships and discovered areas where I feel I have damaged myself or the other person by not being honest.  I created an action plan to have conversations where I can retroactively speak my truth about that issue, and asked a friend to hold me accountable for following through.

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Trusting Relationships for Choppy Times
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