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Past Issues

An archive of previous issues of the newsletter

Issue #1

Transformation, Participation, and Retreat

Issue 1  |  Transformation, Participation, and Retreat

  • Video: Three skills for transformation: Hannah du Plessis’ TEDx talk
  • Article: Three pieces on sketching participation strategy
  • Essay: What really matters–notes from a four-day mountain escape
  • Personal practice of the month

Issue #2

Catalysts, Misfits, and Wide Horizons

Issue 2  |  Catalysts, Misfits, and Wide Horizons

  • Article: Listening to the catalysts
  • Report / collage: Frontier Retreat 2017: Taking in a wider horizon
  • Essay: A letter to the misfit
  • Method: Surfacing unspoken system dynamics
  • Personal practice of the month

Issue #3

Good Gathering, SmallActs, Working Notes, & #metoo

Issue 3  |  Catalysts, Misfits, and Wide Horizons

  • Video: Excerpt from the Good Gathering webinar
  • Article: Speaking up without damaging relationships
  • Collection on Rettig’s working notes on systems, conversations, etc.
  • Article: This is not the end of your story
  • Personal practice of the month