We teach the fundamentals of creating together across differences to change leaders and their teams.

After years of learning, hundreds of hours in university classrooms, and dozens of client sessions, our aim is to get the basics of creating in socially complex situations into as many people’s hands as we can.

Help for the journey’s first mile

As you can see from our topic modules, even the “essentials” cover a lot of ground. We aren’t leading thinkers or practitioners in all of those areas. But we are pretty good at helping people get a good start! We want to get you and your team to the place where you have experienced and internalized some new ways of seeing, working, and relating, you’re starting to feel confident, and you’re able to continue deeper learning and practice on your own.

Our offerings are based on listening

It’s a big and broad intention, and we are so excited to find people (like you?) who are hungry to learn things that can help your work in purposeful work in situations that are mostly made of people.

As we prepared for this work, we’ve met and listened to scores of people in industry, non-profits, activism, international development, policy, sustainability, corporate social responsibility, equity and social justice, impact investment, and more. A few themes kept turning up across most of these conversations:

  • Your work crosses boundaries
  • Communication and relationships are key -- we heard a lot about Trust
  • This stuff takes time, and it involves periods of discouragement and difficulty
  • Progress can be difficult to measure or even see in the short-term
  • You often need to recruit the system as your team
  • You can feel like you're managing ducks and cats
  • Judgment and close-mindedness are frequent challenges (both others' and your own)
  • The issues involved can be very serious; "lightness" and joy of life are sharp tools, but hard to maintain
  • Because of all this, you need both practical and personal development

Online events: get in early

We’re kicking off this Fall with two online conversations, two virtual webinars, and two course series.

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In-person workshops, events and courses: let's talk

We’d like to configure something that serves your situation, your people, and your goals.

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Topic modules

Here’s a more detailed overview of the learning blocks we’re working with.

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