In Person Offerings

From workshops and events to extended training programs

There are great benefits to having many people from your team or organization learn together, and those benefits multiple when people gather to learn from across community or system boundaries. We love to gather people to learn together!

The structure is flexible, depending on your situation, your people, and their needs. We can bring prepared modules to you (see module descriptions below), but prefer to listen to you first and create an event or program that suits.

Workshops and Learning Events

We have done these in all kinds of situations, both in-house as corporate or institutional learning events, and as sponsored public workshops that gather people from across a region, community or system.

See our “In Action” gallery to get a sense of the mix of activities and styles you can expect. We are serious about learning, about equipping you to relate, communicate, and work differently. Which is why we mix conversation, reflection, art and theater methods, facilitated dialogue, short lecture, and learn-by-doing assignments all into the days. We’ve learned a lot about the arc and pace of good group learning experiences, and continually expand our kit of techniques.

Contact us through the form below. We would love to hear about your situation, your people and your learning goals, and imagine a great learning experience together.

Extended learning programs

We love doing workshops and events, and we’ve had hugely positive feedback on what we do. Short, one- to three-day events are relatively easy to plan and budget. They fit into most poeple’s calendar.

But what we really care about is this: “How will things be different six months later?” That question is why we prefer to customize your training, and why we offer to create a series of learning experiences, assignments, and follow-ups.

Think of the modules below as material we can assemble in many different ways. The design conversation is less about “training modules” and more about learning outcomes — personal and group development, skilling, and capability.


Everywhere we go, we hear people talk about the difficulty of finding time to step back from busy demands for restful reflection and big-picture conversation. We love to host such gatherings, and we’d love to do that for you.

Once a year, we host one of these ourselves, and you are invited. 2018 will be the fourth year for our much-loved Frontier Retreat. See for more details, and to sign up to be notified as soon as we announce the dates for next year.

Interested? Have a question? Send us a note.

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