Online offerings

Learning sessions, conversations, study and practice groups: live or self-paced

In the coming months, you’ll see a growing library of online learning packages from us, both live and self-paced.

First up this Fall will be a pair of free webinars and two series of live online learning sessions


Practices for Personal Transformation

Learn principles and frameworks for working with your own experience of change: inner difficulties, and skills and practices for moving through a process of transformation. The topics in this series are profound preparation for any work in communities, organizations or systems.

Dates will be published in August
  • Live online conversation: September
  • Virtual seminar: October
  • Series of live learning sessions: this Fall

Key Topics in System and Organizational Shifts

This series of weekly online study group sessions is designed to challenge assumptions, provoke thinking, and invite you to consider ways of working for lasting impact in situations of social or systemic complexity. We will each read or watch something in preparation for each session, including a series of interviews with people who are working with participatory systemic approaches. Our sessions will include group discussion, framing presentations, and reflection on how your learning might apply to your own work. 

Dates will be published in August
  • Virtual seminar: October
  • Series of live study group sessions: late Fall