Building bridges of understanding

Among our many efforts to build bridges between different worlds of experience and increase understanding, we sometimes engage in design research projects for corporate clients. But we’re particular: we work with companies and organizations who are genuinely open to having their ideas be changed by what they’ve learned. Our client for this project is interested in developing products and solutions that support children’s and families’ wellness and wellbeing.

Are you the parent of a young child in the Boston area?

We seek Boston-area parents of children under 18 months old, to participate in this project. Participation involves two home visits and about 15 minutes a day for five days using a diary app on your smartphone. If you’re curious, here is a questionnaire that will help you know if you qualify. If you do, it will provide more details and suggest next steps.

A note about privacy and data security

We conduct this work under ethical guidelines based on the American Anthropological Association’s ethical statement. Under no circumstances will participant’s images or words be displayed publicly or in a commercial setting. Data and outcomes are for use by the project team and client staff only. Before sharing with the client, all data is anonymized — only the immediate research team knows participants’ full names. All video is stored on hard drives that are not connected to the internet.