Restore broken trust: reframe the hurt, find the larger story

The board of a nonprofit organization

THE CHALLENGE: A trust-breaking incident among top leadership shook the organization and its board to the core. The event raised issues of race, class, gender and abuse of power, and members were not able to have productive conversations.

We hosted a space for this board to unpack their feelings and reactions, and to fully listen to each other. A larger frame for the conversation was key to better outcomes, providing a scaffold for them to move toward a future that everyone felt they could step into.

“We came away inspired. We saw that we can look at our organization in a different way. Our actions do not need to be punitive, we do not have to be entrenched in our current disposition.” Board member

“The session helped us recalibrate. The value was to create a safe space for people to articulate concerns, to come up with a common understanding and it helped set a new expectation on how we are going to work together while also not devalue the experience people had experience. It was masterfully done.” – Board president