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To be transparent…

It’s a bit unusual for a for-profit organization to collect donations, so we’d like to be clear about some things.

  1. This isn’t for us: None of this money goes to Fit Associates, at all (in fact we are covering the transaction fees from our pocket). We don’t need more money for ourselves, nor are we asking for it.
  2. Both of Fit’s principals are themselves contributors. 
  3. We see this as a way to practice caring community. 

Please email us if you have questions about the program or this fund.

A reminder of the situation

In April, Hannah du Plessis sent the following note to participants in the Adaptive Space Learning Group, of which Dipuo was a part.

Care comes in many forms, but here is a specific ask: Dipuo is transitioning from being a student to finding a job. This transition is uncertain and financially difficult. If Dipuo’s family were able, they would support her in this time. Neither of Dipuo’s parents are present in her life. The only care and support she draws from financially is her maternal grandmother—whom she is also responsible for. Her granny’s pension money is also used to support two of her cousins.

So she and I are reaching out to you, community, to ask if you can be part of extending financial care to her in this time. Over the last year I have supported Dipuo monthly, but the increase in expense (she no longer receives student aid) is too much for us to bear by ourselves.

We would like to know if you would like to be in practice with us. Offering financial support like this for me is a practice in shifting my own mindset from individualism (“I am an independent agent who needs to make it work by myself”) to softening into the collective (“we are an ecosystem caring for one another”). It also is a practice in equity and reparations–making right the past harms that led to the current inequities. And so is it a seed for the future. I am excited about who Dipuo is and what she offers, and I want to see her flourish.

Like any practice in uncertainty, we don’t know how long this season will last. Like any practice in community, I trust you to find your wholehearted yes, knowing that it can change as your circumstances change.

If you would like to consider this perspective on community and are, here are two articles that I found helpful:

Andrew Lee in The anti-racism daily, Redistribute your stimulus

Ta-Nehesi Coates in The Atlantic, The case for reparations