Welcome to you have some choices to make.

This note has these parts

  • Your addresses
  • What’s up with those addresses
  • Please make a choice or two
  • How to use email directly through a browser
  • How to set up a mail client (like Apple Mail or Airmail)

Your address(es)

You now have:

  • ed@edrettig.com
  • ed@okaythen.net

But you could have something else….

What’s up with those addresses

These are both domains I administer, and setting up new email addresses is, as they say in my country, butt simple.

So you could have anything you want. You can have multiple addresses if you want. Jean can have her own email address too. How about Treppenwitz@okaythen.net? weltschmerz@okaythen.net? hisownself@edrettig.com?

Those two domains, edrettig.com and okaythen.net, are because when I saw edrettig.com was available I couldn’t help snapping it up, and when I saw okaythen.net was available I couldn’t resist. (I might use that one myself!) They’re $12 a year to reserve, and the mail is running on the same server as our fitassociates site and mail. So it really doesn’t cost anything.

I’m sorry if for you, like me, too much choice can be paralyzing. But it boils down pretty simply:

  • What will you feel good about giving out, and what will be easy for people to remember?
  • If you have reasons for say, an address you give to family and friends, an address you use to businesses, and a novelty address because it’s fun, we can arrange that. Myself, I use the same address for everything (my well.com address is pretty much retired) because I don’t want to complicate the number of things I have to set up in a mail client. See more about that below — I’ve currently have four addresses set up in my desktop mail client (fit, well, cmu.edu, and sva.edu), and it checks all of them at the press of one button.

Oh, one more thing. If someone looks at your address and wonders what might be on the web site for that domain, here’s what okaythen.net looks like.

Please make a choice or two

Let me know if you would like anything different than the addresses I’ve already set up. It takes only a mo’. Once an address is set up, it’s really only a thing once you start using it and giving it out to people.

How to read and sent mail through a browser

  1. Go to edrettig.com/webmail or okaythen.net/webmail
  2. Your login id is your email address, the whole thing. So ed@edrettig.com or ed@okaythen.net
  3. Your password for either is 3d.R3ttig — case sensitive
  4. Once you login, you’ll be presented with a choice of three mail interfaces. None of them are great, and none are terrible. I hardly ever use the browser interface, but it’s really nice to have it as a backup when other things break, or I’m traveling or something. It’s the thing that’s probably going to work when other things don’t.
  5. I told it your name and timezone, but not much else. I think that spam filtering is turned on for you. If you get buried in spam, let me know and I’ll tweak things a bit.

How to set up a mail client on your desktop / laptop

You may have done this before, but just in case….

I prefer to use a mail application. I hate Apple Mail, but I haven’t replaced it. I’m thinking to try Airmail, which people say nice things about. Either way, here’s what you need to know to connect your client to your mail account.

  1. Find the place where you add a new account. It’s going to want some information.
  2. Username: ed@edrettig.com, ed@okaythen.net, or whatever else you pick, let me know about, and I set up
  3. Password: 3d.R3ttig for either
  4. Incoming server: secure56.webhostinghub.com
  5. IMAP Port: 993
  6. Outgoing server: secure56.webhostinghub.com
  7. SMTP Port: 465
  8. There will probably be a “require authentication” checkbox. Check it.

If you have any kind of trouble or confusion, call!