We equip people to create change together.

Through courses and workshops…

We help people and groups get better at creative collaboration, especially when they don’t see things the say way.
We introduce them to potent approaches to long-term systemic change.
And we help them acquire the personal and relationship skills they need to succeed at these things.

Through long-term programs,

We support organizations and multistakeholder initiatives in…
– listening to the system,
– hosting conversations that matter,
– growing their leadership capacity and the capabilities of their team,
– structuring their approach to emergent change.

Practical support for the coal-face of change.

You see it can be better, and you’ve gone to work.

You’re tackling something tough. You’re determined to improve life for your community, or the impact of your organization for the people it serves. For years perhaps, you’ve been helping an institution move from its old ways—no longer good for the world—to take its place in a sustainable and equitable society. There’s a vision, a sense of what could come to life.

But this stuff is hard.

This isn’t just a project. It’s going to take a long time. It means getting people together who don’t see eye-to-eye, who might not like or trust each other. It means facing complexity, making space for honest conversation and purposeful alignment, and learning to create together over the long haul. It means taking care of yourself and each other along the way.

We equip people to create change together.

You’re doing work that matters, and we’d like to help

We can help

If you can’t shift your situation on your own,

if it requires collaborating across boundaries and differences,

if there is disagreement about what’s really going on, where to go, how to get there,

we would like to help you and your team become able to employ the fundamentals of creating together across differences.

How do we do this?

With care, humor, a broad collection of expertise, and a healthy dose of respect for your work.

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