We provide the fundamentals of creating together across boundaries to change leaders and their teams.

You are purpose-driven.

You aim to create a lasting shift in society (or your slice of it, at least).

You are a catalyst on our collective journey toward a sustainable and equitable world.

We help you transform

Practically, with process, method, and practice   |

Personally, with development and practices

so you can amplify your impact in the world.

Through courses, events, workshops and communities, we help social catalysts become able to apply the fundamentals of creating together across differences:

  • Interpersonal: relating and communicating
  • Personal: grow capacity to work with the challenges of this work (while staying sane)
  • Creating together as a group: gather and host generative conversation and co-creation
  • Manage and nurture: support and coordinate co-creation over the long haul

If you can’t shift your situation on your own,
if it requires collaborating across boundaries and differences,
if there is disagreement about
what’s really going on, where to go, how to get there,
we would like to help you and your team become able to employ the fundamentals of creating together across differences.

Through online courses, in-person workshops, or a long-term learning road map for your team.