Learning and conversation kit

Practicing Bravery and Belonging

How do we learn to foster loving cultures?

How do we create new habits together without reproducing dominance? How do we slow down enough, become aware of our harmful patterns, shift in the moment, and call other people in? How do we replace shallow acts of “distancing ourselves from racism” with a deep long-term movement toward a loving culture?

The work that brings us together in Racial Justice Pathways asks that we unlearn deeply-ingrained personal and cultural habits, then practice our way into something new together. The fact that we’re unlearning at the same time we’re finding new ways means it’s inevitable that old harms will be mixed with our best efforts. We have to do this together, so we need bravery and we need belonging.


If you haven’t already, have a look at “What are kits, and how do I use them?” Then simply follow the steps below. Try to listen to the mixtape (a little less than an hour), and do the personal reflection (about 30 minutes) before you gather with your group.

Mixtape: Practicing bravery and belonging

A heartfelt conversation on the themes, What is "the work" of social justice?; We each start where we are; How do we become able?; and, The long haul and the need for self-compassion. Featuring Maurice Stevens, Nicole Nieto, and Hanna du Plessis,

Personal reflection

Here's a pdf with questions to guide your reflections.

Group activity and reflection

Here's a guide that suggests a simple two-step way to organize your group conversation about the mixtape and what people took from their personal reflections.

Share one thing

Think of it as our little Instagram, where the shared moments of the 70 or so of us can accumulate into a collage of group learning.