What is "the work?" What is my place in it?

The Racial Justice Pathways series gathers people around our collective yearning to dismantle racism and its structures of dominance. But the road to a better world is not a well-marked highway, and there are no clear directions. We must find our way together.

At the heart of this first kit is a set of questions and an invitation to pause and to reflect. What is “The work?” What is “My work?” The challenges can seem so vast, and we can feel so small. What are ways to think about our place, our agency and sufficiency, that can help us navigate the inward and outward rhythms of life and work toward a world of belonging?


If you haven’t already, have a look at “What are kits, and how do I use them?” Then simply follow the steps below. Try to listen to the mixtape (a little less than an hour), and do the personal reflection (about 30 minutes) before you gather with your group.

Mixtape: Finding your way in this work

A heartfelt conversation on the themes, What is "the work" of social justice?; We each start where we are; How do we become able?; and, The long haul and the need for self-compassion. Featuring Maurice Stevens, Nicole Nieto, and Hanna du Plessis,