Looking back at 2022: hosting long-term emergence

A glimpse into how we assess and guide our work, by principles and intended directions.

Report: Deepen Lead Now

A nine-week leadership support community and practice space for beleaguered nonprofit leaders in the Pittsburgh region.

The Passport Story

A five-minute video about growing relationship between departments—an example of playfully injecting listening and understanding into a culture.

How listening can change everything

How a "Collective Story Harvest" transformed the creative intent for advocacy campaigns in a national nonprofit. In this audio blog post, Fit principals Marc Rettig and Hanna du Plessis tell the story and offer insights on the transforming power of listening.

First steps in hosting conversations that matter

Conversation and stories about the tender experience of beginning to host gatherings that shift a group's relationships and stories. In this audio, Fit principals Marc Rettig and Hanna du Plessis offer thoughts to those setting out on their journey.