Marc: You start to feel more at home. Saying "Let's do this different thing" to a group of people is scary at first. But it becomes not scary. And it's what's needed in the world: to break those old patterns.

Hanna: Break patterns, and also switch us on. We are talking heads. Our beings need to be resuscitated. We need to learn to be embodied again. To think with our fingers, to laugh with our bellies, to move with our feet. There's an organization called "Re-becoming human" I feel like that's the core of what is happening as we do this work.

What is it like when we first begin hosting conversations that matter?

Use the player and transcript below to listen to conversation and stories about the tender experience of beginning to host (we prefer “host” to “facilitate”) gatherings that shift a group’s relationships and stories. In this audio originally recorded for the Adaptive Space Learning Group, Fit principals Marc Rettig and Hanna du Plessis offer thoughts to those setting out on their journey.

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