We equip people to create change together.

Let’s explain…

You are

You aim to create a lasting shift in society
(or your slice of it, at least).

You are a catalyst on our collective journey toward a sustainable and equitable world.

We help you

with process, method, and practice.

with development and practices so you can amplify your impact in the world.

Through courses, events, workshops and communities, we help social catalysts amplify their work.


The Essentials

  • Learn to employ the power of the creative process, and learn practices for developing your creative flow.
  • Develop your ability to see through “systems eyes.”
  • Learn frameworks for the ways people and systems change over time.

Group Co-Creation

  • Understand the the power and process of a conversational approach to co-creation.
  • Learn methods for gathering and hosting generative conversations and co-creation.

Relationships and Communication

  • Increase your ability to go beyond surface perceptions and conversation.
  • Become able to stand in relationships of equals where power is shared, communicating honestly, directly, non-violently.

Managing Emergence and the Long Haul

  • Learn approaches that engage the system or community in its own transformation.
  • Grow your ability to support and coordinate co-creation over time.

Personal Presence and Transformation

  • Grow your own capacity to be present, to handle the difficulties of this work, and stay open to your own transformation as you participate in the shift of a community, organization, or system.
  • Learn to stand in creative response to life and bring yourself to this work without burning out.

We can help…

If you can’t shift your situation on your own,

if it requires collaborating across boundaries and differences,

if there is disagreement about what’s really going on, where to go, how to get there,

we would like to help you and your team become able to employ the fundamentals of creating together across differences.

How do we do this?

With care, humor, a broad collection of expertise, and a healthy dose of respect for your work.

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You don’t have to go this alone. 

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