We support leaders and groups who work toward equitable, thriving community.

The road from ways-that-harm to ways-that-help-all-thrive is not clearly marked. We must find our way together. Fit supports leaders and groups in the practices of creating together: gathering well, becoming able to stay in right relationship, seeing harmful structures, and exploring for ways to displace them with patterns and systems that support thriving life.

Gatherings that matter

We design, host, and support short or long-term conversations and processes that shift cultures, foster learning and development, nurture relationships and spark co-creation. See examples in stories of our work, and contact us to talk about possibilities in your organization. 


We’ve worked, taught, designed, facilitated, persisted, cried, strategized, failed, laughed, and lived through a lot of challenges in a lot of contexts. We care a lot. It may be that there’s a good match between our broad experience and the way you are working at the edge of your confidence and ability. Drop a line if you’d like to talk about it.

Skill kits,Conversation kits

Learn and evolve through practice in bite-sized chunks. Kits give groups just enough structure and material to have a learning experience together, to take a step a little further into a skill that serves right relationship and co-creation, or to step back together for a conversation that matters. Kits are coming to our site early next year. Ask us about acquiring sets for use in your organization