Download Fit's 2022 in Review Report

How'd we do?

Looking back to assess: principles and directions for 2022

We guide and assess our work through a set of principles (is our work having its intended impact?) and directions (are we making progress in the direction we intend to travel?). This annual review—the first we’ve published publicly—summarizes evidence and stories to respond to the question, “How’d we do?”


Principles we sought to apply in our work

  • Work to increase relatedness
  • Work to empower others
  • Make joyful gifts
  • Host spaces of becoming

Directions (vectors) we sought to move along

  • More long-term engagements
  • Explore new models for engagement
  • More diverse collaborators
  • Practice culture-shifting
Download Fit's 2022 in Review Report

“We’re adding ”equity” as a new goal in our strategic plan, and the entire organization believed it mattered and had ideas to contribute, naming how they see the work expressed in their colleagues.”  -Nonprofit leader

“You could see the alignment between fifty people. As one group presented, many others perked up and said, ‘Yes! Us too!’ It came through vividly that we are on the same page. We were doing serious work and we’re having fun. We are living the culture we long for.” -Institutional staff member

Fit Associates’ reports

The work of social design and participating in long-term, lasting positive change is difficult, uncertain, and evolving. This is one of a series of reports which Fit Associates creates for its internal use, and which we sometimes choose to share publicly. We do so in hope that some may benefit leaders and groups who share our determination to participate in creating an equitable thriving society.

A glimpse into planning, doing, and assessing the work of social pattern-shifting

Some reports are about learning communities, some are about projects. We won’t say they are rigorous, but they are at least rigorish. They give a glimpse into what it looks like when we evaluate our work by principle and direction (rather than destination).

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