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Report: Deepen Lead Now

The pandemic disrupted annual leadership training for a Pittsburgh foundation. They asked us to help.


Burnout, stress, and desire for community

We started by listening to the cohort of regional nonprofit leaders, and heard several themes of need: people wanted support in better handling stress and burnout, and people felt alone in their challenges. They felt hungry for a supportive community of like-minded and like-situated peers.

Sessions designed to develop connections and practice personal skills

Though it lasted only nine weeks, the community of practice that developed was intensely supportive and generously open. After time dedicated to creating a group culture, we worked with themes of adaptive strategies, refuge, noticing needs, home, and self-care.

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“What I thought was a hardworking nature is a complying strategy. I put my personal needs aside, because I want them to think I’m worthy.”

“Learning to listen to myself and create balance in my professional life is completely new to me.”

Fit Associates’ reports

The work of social design and participating in long-term, lasting positive change is difficult, uncertain, and evolving. This is one of a series of reports which Fit Associates creates for its internal use, and which we sometimes choose to share publicly. We do so in hope that some may benefit leaders and groups who share our determination to participate in creating an equitable thriving society.

A glimpse into planning, doing, and assessing the work of social pattern-shifting

Some reports are about learning communities, some are about projects. We won’t say they are rigorous, but they are at least rigorish. They give a glimpse into what it looks like when we evaluate our work by principle and direction (rather than destination).

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