Racial Justice Pathways   |   Kit 1: Finding Your Way in This Work

Group reflection

There’s a LOT in that mixtape. Famously, a little time spent with your thoughts and a notebook helps some of that “a lot” make its way into long-term memory. (Conversation helps too, which is what the next step is about.)

A guide for your Pathways group

When you next gather as a Pathways group, try to time it so everyone has had a chance to listen to this kit’s mixtape and worked through the personal reflection guide. This is great input for your group to work with. It’s amazing how seeing through other’s eyes can deepen your experience of these ideas and experiences.

A useful guide

Here’s a pdf that suggests a simple two-step way to organize your group conversation about the mixtape and what people took from their personal reflections.

It can work in thirty minutes, but if you have the time we recommend giving more time to the second step—finding themes together.

Download the group reflection guide