Supporting a culture change away from white supremacy

Despite long-term anti-racism training, the culture in this nonprofit was slow to change. Sheba Gittens and Hanna du Plessis hosted separate affinity groups and cross-race dialogue to support the organization’s ability to create a brave culture, able to work through difficulties and towards collective liberation.

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Cultivating an anti-racism community of practice for white folks in philanthropy

Now in its second year, we are co-holding a space for learning, conversation and collective action among white members of foundations in our region. Together they engage in the personal and organizational work of shifting their role in oppressive patterns and centering black liberation. Co-hosted by Tiffany Wilhelm.

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Replacing cynicism with agency to shift campus culture

After three weeks of listening and convening, administrators, students, faculty, and police gathered despite lack of trust and belief that “things will never change on campus.” In two hours many found common ground. In two days they saw their way forward, agreeing that “Yes, we can change this together.”

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